A   S t r e a m i n g   M e d i a   P r i m e r :  
skin:  A custom GUI (graphical user interface) designed 
tunneling: The use of specially designed paths to carry 
for a specifi c media player.
multicast traffi c over the Internet. 
SMIL: Pronounced like  smile,  SMIL stands for 
24 bit color:  Type of color representation used by 
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language. Like 
current computers. For each of the Red, Green, and 
HTML, it is a markup language designed to be easy 
Blue components, 8 bits of information are stored and 
to learn and deploy on Web sites. SMIL was created 
transmitted 24 bits in total. With these 24 bits of 
specifi cally to solve the problems of coordinating the 
information, over a million different variations of color 
display of a variety of multimedia on Web sites. By 
can be represented.
using a single timeline for all of the media on a page, 
UDP:  User Datagram Protocol, like TCP, runs on top 
display can be time coordinated and synchronized.
of IP networks. Unlike TCP/IP, UDP/IP provides very 
spatial compression:  See intra frame compression.
little error recovery, offering instead a direct way to 
static media: Refers to design elements that do not 
send and receive datagrams over an IP network. It is 
incorporate motion or sound such as still photos or 
primarily used for streaming over the Internet.
unicast:  The technique whereby a single stream is 
stream:  Data of a distinct type sent from server to 
transmitted to a single end user; i.e., each end user gets 
client at a rate defi ned by the server. For a typical video 
a unique stream. Bandwidth hogging unicasting is not 
broadcast, for example, one stream could consist of 
as effi cient as multicasting. 
the video signal, one stream could consist of the audio 
upload: The act of one computer sending data, via a 
data, and one stream could contain the closed caption 
network, to another computer.
information. In most cases, each stream is served at the 
URL: A Uniform Resource Locator is the  address  used 
rate that it should be rendered by the client.
to  fi nd a document or resource on the World Wide 
streaming:  Process of sending media over the Internet 
Web. The fi rst part of the address specifi es the protocol 
or other network, allowing playback on the desktop 
(typically HTTP for Web pages, FTP for fi les  not 
as the video is received, rather than requiring that the 
residing on a Web server, or RTSP for streaming fi les); 
entire fi le be downloaded prior to playback.
the second part specifi es the IP address, or domain 
SWF:  The SWF graphic fi le format is a version of 
name; and the rest specifi es the directory structure for 
the Macromedia Flash Player vector based graphics 
fi nding the discrete fi le on the host computer.
format introduced in 1997. The SWF fi le format is ideal 
URL  fl ip: A coded marker embedded in the timeline 
for presenting vector based interactive and animated 
of video or audio that calls up a link to a Web page 
graphics with sound for the Web. Vector images are 
during playback.
ideal for graphics with solid areas of color and distinct 
video capture card (or board):  Installed inside a 
object defi nitions. Because a SWF fi le is vector based, 
computer, adds the functionality needed to digitize 
its graphics are scalable and play back smoothly on 
analog video for use by the computer.  Using a hardware 
any screen size and across multiple platforms. A 
or software codec, the capture card also compresses 
vector animation usually has a smaller fi le size than a 
video in and decompresses video out for display on a 
bitmap animation. For more information see the online 
television monitor. 
Adobe Technical Guides at: www.adobe.com/support/
techguides/webpublishing/fl ash/
VOD: Video On Demand refers to streaming fi les that 
are archived on a streaming server and may be accessed 
TCP/IP: These two protocols (Transmission Control 
by an end user at any time, as contrasted with live, or 
Protocol/Internet Protocol) were developed by the U.S. 
real time, content.
military to allow computers to talk to each other over 
long distance networks. IP is responsible for moving 
Webcasting:  The technique of broadcasting media 
packets of data between nodes. TCP is responsible for 
over an intranet, extranet, or the Internet.
verifying delivery from client to server. TCP/IP forms 
Web server streaming: Yet another term for HTTP 
the basis of the Internet, and is built into most every 
streaming, pseudo streaming, or progressive download; 
common operating system.
see progressive download.
temporal compression: See inter frame compression.
Windows Media: Offered by Microsoft, one of the 
timeline: The graphical representation of program 
three dominant architectures for distributing media on 
length onto which video, audio and graphics clips 
the Web, including streaming media.
are arranged.
true streaming:  Affording real time access to content 
via the Internet or an intranet, true streaming is 
enabled by a specialized server application, that relies 
namic Media
on streaming protocols to adjust the rate of transmis 
sion to accommodate available bandwidth.
obe D
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