A   S t r e a m i n g   M e d i a   P r i m e r :  
H O W   C A N   A D O B E   H E L P   M E   C R E AT E   S T R E A M I N G   M E D I A ?
The best way to learn more about streaming is to actually start creating your own streaming media 
content. Powerful, professional Adobe  software products are an excellent choice for creating 
streaming media, Web graphics, and animations, as well as for integrating all kinds of content into 
dynamic and compelling Web sites.
Output to all the most popular streaming formats:  One of the best reasons to choose Adobe 
software for creating streaming media is the broad range of output options available to help ensure 
that everyone in your Web audience gets the fi les they need to enjoy your productions. In addition to 
fl exible output options for the traditional video mediums, Adobe Premiere offers one step Web output 
to all the most popular streaming media formats including RealMedia G2, Windows  Media, and Apple  
QuickTime  streaming formats, through a special, built in version of Terran Interactive's Media Cleaner 
EZ 5. Plus, Adobe Premiere provides advanced output options for both RealMedia and Windows Media, 
offering even more precise control. With Adobe After Effects, you can render to both the QuickTime 
and Flash (SWF) formats, as well as outputting for fi lm, broadcast, and multimedia. Tight integration 
also makes it easy for you to import your Adobe After Effects compositions and animations into Adobe 
Premiere to take advantage of all the streaming media output options there.
DV in, Web out.:  It can be just that easy. With a DV camcorder and Adobe Premiere, any reasonably 
savvy software user can  Shoot it! Cut it! Web it!  But you'll also fi nd that Adobe Premiere software 
delivers an extraordinarily powerful toolset for every aspect of digital video editing. Adobe Premiere 
6.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up, making this long popular digital video editing software an 
even more powerful tool that novices and experienced professionals will all appreciate. Adobe Premiere 
lets you work the way you want to, with more customizable features than ever before, more precise 
creative control, more time saving automation, and even a sophisticated new sound studio style audio 
mixer that lets you view your video while mixing multi track audio in real time. Cross platform 
interoperability and tight integration with industry standard tools, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe 
Photoshop , and Adobe Illustrator , enhance productivity and streamline your workfl ow. The award 
winning Adobe user interface makes Adobe Premiere easy to learn and use, sharing many of the same 
intuitive toolbars, palettes, menus, and other features found in familiar Adobe software products.
A complete streaming solution:  Combining comprehensive streaming media and interactive 
animation with powerful Web capabilities, the Adobe Streaming Media Collection delivers the 
cost effective toolset professionals need to make Web sites more dynamic. The Adobe Streaming 
Media Collection includes four full featured Adobe software products: 
   Adobe Premiere The essential tool for professional digital video editing 
   Adobe After Effects The essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects
   Adobe LiveMotion  Professional web graphics and animation
   Adobe GoLive  Professional web authoring and site management
Cross platform interoperability between the components, as well as tight integration with other familiar 
Adobe products including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software, supports a highly produc 
tive, collaborative workfl ow and speeds learning. With every component in the Adobe Streaming Media 
Collection, you'll enjoy the extraordinary depth of features and functionality you have come to expect 
from award winning Adobe products. 
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