A   S t r e a m i n g   M e d i a   P r i m e r :  
H O W   D O   I   M A K E   ( G O O D )   S T R E A M I N G   M E D I A ?
Adding interactivity to your video production
Streaming allows you to take advantage of the interactivity made possible by the Web. Chapterization 
allows viewers to jump to the beginning of a sequence, or chapter, that is specifi ed in your production 
with timeline markers. Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects also offer the ability to set Timeline 
markers that include links to HTML pages. Using these markers, you can develop streaming videos 
that automatically launch Web pages at precise points during playback. These URL fl ips may provide 
different backgrounds for your video presentation, even titles, or offer additional information that is 
relevant to the video content being viewed.
In this example, a URL fl ip provides relevant 
Web Marker
information about the bald eagle, that auto 
matically pops up in the right hand column of 
the Web page, at the moment the bird is seen 
in the video.
A single frame of uncompressed 
Encoding compresses and formats media for streaming
video takes about 1 megabyte 
You've fi nished editing and assembling your movie. Now it's time to produce the fi nal 
(MB) of space to store. You can 
fi le or fi les for streaming distribution via the Internet or your intranet. Outputting 
calculate this by multiplying the 
or exporting your production for streaming requires encoding. Encoding accomplishes 
two main objectives: 1) it reduces the size of your video and audio fi les, by means of 
horizontal resolution (720 pixels) 
compression, making Internet delivery feasible, and 2) it saves your fi les in a format that 
by the vertical resolution (486 
can be read and played back on the desktops of your targeted audience. Some encoding 
solutions may also be confi gured to provide additional processing functions, such as 
pixels), and then multiplying 
digital watermarking, for example. 
by 3 bytes for the RGB color 
What is compression?
information. At the standard 
The goal of compression is to reduce the data rate while still keeping the image quality 
video rate of 29.97 frames per 
high. Video for the Web might need to be compressed at a ratio of 50:1 or even more. 
second, this would result in 
Lossless compression, whereby, no essential data is lost (used for the transmission of 
fi nancial data, for example) can compress no more than 30 percent. Fortunately, because 
around 30 MB of storage 
human perception is based not only on what we actually see and hear, but also on what 
required for each and every 
we infer, video and audio can withstand lossy compression and still maintain enough 
quality to be acceptable. Lossy compression can compress to any level, but the more 
second of uncompressed video! 
compression is applied, the more quality is sacrifi ced.
It would take over 1.5 gigabyte 
There are many different methods of compressing video. One way is to simply reduce the 
namic Medianamic Media
(GB) to hold a minute of 
size of each video frame. A 320x240 image has only one fourth the number of pixels as a 
640x480 image. Or we could reduce the frame rate of the video. A 15 frame per second 
uncompressed video! 
(fps) video has only half the data of a 30 frame per second video. Both of these methods 
are used to compress video for the Web. For narrowband connections, a very small frame 
 Adobe Digital Video Primer
obe Dobe D
size usually 240x180 is standard. While larger image sizes are often transmitted via 
broadband connections, the recommended frame rate for streaming video is still 15 fps.
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