A   S t r e a m i n g   M e d i a   P r i m e r :  
H O W   D O   I   M A K E   ( G O O D )   S T R E A M I N G   M E D I A ?
Pre processing tasks may be performed at different points in the workfl ow: 
 As you mourn the loss of your 
    As part of the capture process For live Webcasting, you'll need to set up 
automatic pre processing functions between capture and encoding. Some 
effects, remember what streaming 
sophisticated capture cards provide built in features for handling and auto 
your content is all about. Your 
mating pre processing tasks, whether for live Webcasting or for preparing 
goal is to communicate a mes 
captured video for editing. 
sage. Effects cause unnecessary 
    As part of the editing process If you are capturing media specifi cally for use 
in a VOD (video on demand) project that you are going to edit, you'll probably 
change in your streaming video. 
do most, if not all, of your pre processing at the beginning of or during the 
They force the video stream to 
editing process. 
put more resources into some 
    As part of the encoding process If you are putting together a single production 
thing other than what the true 
for multiple uses, you are likely to do your Web specifi c pre processing after 
subject is of your video. Your 
editing, but before encoding your media for streaming. Similarly, if you are going 
to repurpose a previously edited project for streaming delivery, you may need to 
subject is what communicates 
do some pre processing before encoding, to make the production more suitable 
that message. Lose the effects. 
for Web delivery. But even if you do pre process a multi purpose production prior 
Focus on the goal.
to encoding, it may still not stream well. Beware of trying to stream productions 
with too much action, lots of detail that will disappear within a small image, fancy 
Is there hope for the editor/artist 
transitions, motion laden effects, or complex audio tracks. You are likely to have 
much better results if you capture and pre process suitable raw footage and re cut 
who thinks special effects actually 
a short version of your production, specifi cally designed for Web delivery.
add to their message? Maybe. 
Adobe Premiere 6.0 provides a variety of fl exible tools for pre processing your video 
Increasingly, streaming players 
and your audio that can be conveniently used at whichever point in your workfl ow 
are beginning to incorporate 
you choose. Additionally, Adobe Premiere includes a special, built in version of Media 
built in effects. Rather than 
Cleaner EZ 5, Terran Interactive's popular software for pre processing and encoding 
media for the Web. Typical pre processing tasks fall into three broad categories:  
rendering the effect into video 
1) getting the proper image parameters, 2) adjusting color and brightness, and 
pixels and encoding the digital 
3) audio pre processing. The box below provides some details. 
mash for streaming, a player 
might take two streaming clips 
Editing video for streaming
Editing activities include cutting and pasting clips together to tell your story, inserting 
and render the effect directly 
transitions between clips, incorporating visual effects, mixing and synchronizing audio 
on the viewer's machine. The 
with your video, and adding titles. The Adobe Digital Video Primer
 provides a general 
result is a smooth dissolve or 
introduction to the editing process. 
motion wipe. The catch is the 
viewer's machine might not be up 
 Non linear editing (NLE) makes editing and assembling your production 
to the task of fi guring out all that 
as easy and as fl exible as word processing. 
effects math. As connection and 
 Adobe Digital Video Primer
computer speeds grow faster, 
you will see more and more 
Assembling a video production for streaming is, essentially, the same process as for 
options to use effects. Until 
any other medium. Adobe Premiere software, with its robust  DV in, Web out  features, 
then, stick to cuts. 
is an excellent choice for editing your video for streaming or for any medium. Adobe 
 Tim Kennedy
After Effects software adds the industry standard compositing toolset to your capa 
namic Medianamic Media
Streaming Media World
bilities. And these two powerful, professional products deliver tight integration that 
streamlines your workfl ow.
But, bear in mind as you edit and develop your production, as you did when shooting for streaming, 
obe Dobe D
that you need to be cognizant of the limitations of the Web, avoiding unnecessary motion or change 
that will bog down streaming fi les.
42  Adobe Digital Video Primer, PDF available for download at http://www.adobe.com/motion/main.html
43   Streaming Basics: Editing Video for Streaming,  by Tim Kennedy, Streaming Media World,  March 8, 2001, http://smw.internet.com/video/tutor/streambasics2/index.html

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