A   S t r e a m i n g   M e d i a   P r i m e r :  
H O W   D O   I   M A K E   ( G O O D )   S T R E A M I N G   M E D I A ?
Pre processing your video
Pre processing sometimes called  optimizing  removes non essential information from your video 
and audio information that is diffi cult to encode and/or does not substantively add to the quality 
of the streamed media. So pre processing prior to encoding reduces the burden on the compressor, 
potentially saving time and CPU capacity. It also allows you to make some of the decisions about what 
information will be included in the encoded media, rather than relying solely on your compression 
software to make all the determinations.
S O M E   T Y P I C A L   P R E   P R O C E S S I N G   TA S K S   F O R   S T R E A M I N G   M E D I A
Normal or Accurate scaling. Unless you're 
under time constraints, use the Accurate 
function to anti alias and to reduce 
Cropping your video
 Removing 5% 
  Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation 
jagged edges. 
from the frame edges is a good starting 
These are often subjective settings. Any 
point to get rid of edge artifacts you might 
 Traditional video systems 
adjustments needed depend on the source 
not even be able to see without zooming 
 paint  images on the screen in alternating 
material and how it was captured. Experi 
in very tightly, such as tearing or black 
lines, in a process called interlacing. Com 
mentation is the key to fi nding the right 
bands around any of the frame edges. 
puter monitors do not use interlacing to 
settings for each project.
These anomalies can occur during capture 
display video and it should be removed 
Gamma correction
 Applies a non lin 
and create unnecessary pixels that would 
from video clips that will ultimately be 
ear function to the amplitude values of the 
waste precious bandwidth. 
viewed on the computer. You can deinter 
pixels, helping to create more whites with 
lace in Adobe Premiere by selecting a clip 
Pay attention to the aspect ratio when you 
out brightening the entire range or more 
in the Timeline, pulling down the Clip 
crop, either maintaining the original and/or 
darks without affecting the bright areas. 
menu and choosing Video Options, then 
keeping the dimensions to multiples of 
Field Options, and checking the Always 
Black and white restore
 This is an 
four. Compression algorithms often divide 
Deinterlace box. Or you can deinterlace 
option in Cleaner 5 that lets you adjust 
images into blocks of 4x4 or 16x16 pixels. 
a project globally by choosing the 
only the very white or very black portions 
Keeping the dimensions to multiples of 
Deinterlace option in the Special Processing 
of images, forcing values to pure black or 
four assures that your aspect ratio won't 
area of the Export Movie Settings. 
pure white. The Amount slider determines 
be reconfi gured during encoding to fi t 
what values will be affected by the oper 
the inherent constraints of the compression 
 Inverse telecine
 When fi lm (shot at 24 
ation, while the Smoothness slider adjusts 
software. If you need to scale the image to 
fps) is converted to video (at 25 fps for 
values near the transition points. A typical 
a particular window frame, make sure 
PAL; 29.97 fps for NTSC), additional frames 
use of Black and White restore is reducing 
you maintain that  aspect ratio 4:3, for 
are added, in a process called telecine. You 
noise in fl at areas such as black back 
example, for a 160x120 window. 
can use inverse telecine to discard those 
grounds behind titles.
To crop your footage in Adobe Premiere, 
extra frames that would just burden your 
drag and drop the Crop fi lter from the 
encoder. You'll fi nd information on how to 
Video Effects palette to the Timeline.
do this with Adobe Premiere, in the Support 
Noise removal
 Extraneous noise makes 
Then, in the Effect Controls palette, adjust 
Knowledgebase at www.adobe.com. 
the audio signal more diffi cult to encode 
the crop setup to reduce the picture by 5% 
Two dimensional fi ltering
 Low pass, 
and uses up precious bits.  When encoded 
on each side, or to whatever amount you 
bandpass, and high pass fi lters use math 
for streaming, the effects of noise are 
choose. You can also crop your movie 
ematical functions to adjust the pixels of 
usually amplifi ed, and can result in an 
globally by using the Special Processing 
which images are comprised, in order to 
unintelligible soundtrack. 
functions in the Export Movie Settings 
alter image qualities. By using these fi lters 
when you output. 
to selectively or uniformly blur images or 
Enhancing the signal
 Depending on 
how well your audio was recorded, you may 
Image size
 Video is typically captured 
sharpen edges, you can effect the differenc 
need to uniformly or selectively boost or 
at a larger frame size than you are likely 
es, from frame to frame, that the com 
cut the signal to arrive at the best level to  
to output for streaming. If your audience 
pression software will have to deal with. 
encode for the Web. You can also enhance 
is comprised only of broadband users and 
Cleaner 5 offers three such fi ltering options:  
the signal using a variety of effects, or 
want large frames, you can compress your 
Blur, Unsharp Mask and Adaptive Noise 
fi lters, that alter different qualities of the 
video at capture size. But, if you are stream 
Reduction, each with a variety of different 
audio, such as reverb or echo.
ing to users with slower connection speeds 
settings for a wide range of fl exibility. 
namic Medianamic Media
and/or you want to improve image quality 
Adobe Premiere 6.0 includes a sound studio 
and/or achieve higher frame rates, you may 
style Audio Mixer and 20 audio fi lters that 
want to scale your video to a smaller size. 
make it easy for you to pre process your 
The Cleaner 5 module of Adobe Premiere 
audio. The Media Cleaner EZ 5 module built 
offers convenient scaling options. The pull 
into Adobe Premiere 6.0 also provides tools 
obe Dobe D
down the Scaling Quality option in Media 
for optimizing your audio.
Cleaner EZ 5 allows you to choose Fast, 

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