A   S t r e a m i n g   M e d i a   P r i m e r :    
W H A T   I S   S T R E A M I N G   M E D I A ?
Streaming media is the convergence of broadcast and rich media, empowering both 
content providers and audiences with a whole new world of choices. Like broadcast, 
Streaming media is the con 
streaming media delivers the real time or on demand access to audio, video, and 
multimedia content that audiences want, while providing the copyright protection 
vergence of broadcast and rich 
content providers demand. But streaming media can also weave interactivity into the 
media, empowering both content 
experience. Unlike analog broadcasting, the digital nature of streaming media facilitates 
the integration of interactive capabilities such as the chapterization of segments, clickable 
providers and audiences with a 
hotspots within the video frame, URL fl ips that automatically launch Web pages at 
whole new world of choices.
specifi c instants during playback, and the intelligent indexing of media content through 
the use of searchable keywords. 
Because, according to Arbitron/Edison Media Research, seven out of ten Internet users in the U.S. say 
Web sites would be more enjoyable if sound and video were included more often.
More than one 
in every four is already a  Streamie  (someone who has listened to streaming audio or watched 
streaming video online).
Enterprises are reaping the benefi ts of streaming now
 Today, the noteworthy successes 
Offering numerous case studies on their Web site, Microsoft shows that enterprise 
customers such as Aetna, Fujitsu, and Hewlett Packard are already gaining remarkable 
of streaming video are happening 
ROI (return on investment) for their streaming initiatives. The Aberdeen Group, 
over intranets  streaming video 
an independent consultancy that prepared the Hewlett Packard case study, reports 
over networks is not typifi ed 
 [HP] was able to streamline product introductions, increase the effectiveness and 
reach of its communications, and signifi cantly reduce the costs of key communications.  
by tiny and clumsy imposters 
The cost savings derived primarily from reducing the use of multi city roadshows, 
for video, but rather, full frame, 
audio bridges, and satellite links were approximately $1.2 million in the fi rst year 
and generated an ROI of over 1800% and a one month payback. Therefore, Aberdeen 
full motion MPEG 1 or 
concludes that the business benefi ts are suffi ciently compelling that enterprises 
MPEG 2 digital video  the 
should seriously investigate deploying streaming media technology. 
excitement and the bandwidth 
The three most common ways enterprises use streaming are for corporate communica 
for effective video streaming 
tions, electronic learning, and sales and marketing. Enterprise customers should con 
sider using streaming technology to:
already exists over intranets, 
   Send e broadcasts across their corporations
and  business, educational, 
   Give remote presentations to employees, customers, and partners 
medical, and entertainment users 
   Deliver end to end training to the sales force or retail locations
are now demonstrating that  
   Enhance professional development and communicate HR policies 
[it] is [a] money making and 
  Conduct pre sales demos 
money saving business. 
  Provide customer service
 Jeff Sauer
 Today's Stream Believers 
Streaming media attracts high value e consumers
The power of streaming is also becoming apparent for B2C (business to consumer) 
e commerce entrepreneurs. According to a study conducted in the U.S., called  The 
 Streamies  are twice as likely 
namic Media
Buying Power of `Streamies,' 
 and published by The Arbitron Company and Edison 
Media Research,  Streamies, those people who watch or listen to Internet audio and 
to click on Web ads and make 
video  represent 43% of Web users and 24% of all Americans. These are the most expe 
online purchases.
rienced Web users, spending 46% more time online than the average person. Streamies, 
twice as likely to click on Web ads and make online purchases, spend lots of money 
obe D
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8  The Buying Power of 'Streamies',  Arbitron/Edison Media Research, February 2000, PDF available at http://www.arbitron.com or http://www.edisonresearch.com

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