Chapter 17
Accessing Melbourne
La Trobe St
43 Lonsdale St, Gordon Towers ground
level, near Reception.
321 La Trobe St, the Australian Postal 150 Lonsdale St, Celcius House, 5th
Corporation National Head Quarters,
floor, conference level.
small cubicle past lifts.
210 Lonsdale, Queen Victoria Women's
Corner of La Trobe and Swanston Sts,
Centre, ground level.
Melbourne Central Station.
300 Lonsdale St, Melbourne Central,
La Trobe St, Melbourne Central, Level 1,
Level 1, 2, 3 & Lower Ground, La
2, 3 & Lower Ground, La Trobe St
Trobe St building and Level 3
building and Level 3 Lonsdale St
Lonsdale St building.
399 Lonsdale St, Taylors College, foyer
383 La Trobe, Australian Federal Police
next to the lifts.
Southern Region Headquarters, M&F 436 Lonsdale St, Supreme Courts, well
located in the passage way to the car
signed and accessible public
park, difficult turning space.
414 La Trobe, North side of La Trobe St, 456 Lonsdale St, Natural Resources &
is Customs House.
Environment, by lifts.
Corner of La Trobe and William Sts, 500 Lonsdale St, Ceres House, secure
Commonwealth Law Courts
Melbourne under construction. Also 509 Lonsdale St, County Court of
Flagstaff Station, lift access down,
Victoria, secure building, located on
available until midnight.
the 3rd floor.
485 La Trobe St, Commercial Union 525 Lonsdale St,
Owen Dixon
Centre, by the lifts for the Tower
Chambers, foyer.
550 Lonsdale St, to the rear of the foyer.
555 La Trobe St, William Angliss 555 Lonsdale St, Sedgwick House, off
Institute of TAFE, Building A, ground
the foyer, past lifts but the toilet door
and upper levels   see foyer notice
opens inwards limiting the useful
board. Building C, flat access through
automatic doors.
565 Lonsdale St, County Courts, past
the lifts, through heavy door, small
Lonsdale St
cubicle but the door opens out.
Secure building.
1 Lonsdale St, Cnr Spring St, Price
Waterhouse Coopers, past the lifts.
Little Bourke St
2 Lonsdale St, Casselden Place, several
toilets, ask at reception. Includes 22 Cohen Place, off Little Bourke St,
Australian Government Health Service
Chinese Museum, first floor, narrow
and Australian Hearing Services.
turning space.

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