Chapter 15
Accessing Melbourne
Carpeted and wide.
Other features: 
Radii Restaurant has many stairs but two
stairlifts. Gym/pool accessed by ramp (7.9%)
and stairlift, no accessible change rooms.
Conference facility has an accessible toilet.
Key Measurements: 
The rooms are large with plenty of circulation
space. Walk  in robes easily accessed with  D 
Room: Door 800mm, magnetic card and lever
handle 1m. Space to open the door from the
inside, the door return is not too heavy. King
sized bed 700mm high, 9.5cm underneath. End
of bed to bathroom door 1.4m. Can operate
lights, phone and TV (remote) from the bed.
Space under writing table (>650mm).
Bathroom:  Sliding doors 1400mm. Shower
seat 470mm high, 900mm x 400mm, lever
taps, grab rails 810mm. Basin has lever tap,
can get knees underneath. Light switch, shaver
socket and hair dryer all reachable. Toilet
460mm high, 730mm front to back wall and
430mm centreline to side wall (no
obstructions). Grab rails 800mm.
(Note: In providing this information we have concentrated on CBD hotels with more than one accessible room. The
following hotel rooms were not inspected: Rockman's Regency Hotel, 245 Exhibition St, (9662 3900),
two accessible rooms but with a shower over the bath, Rydges Hotel, 186 Exhibition St, has one accessible room.
The Windsor, 103 Spring St, (9633 6000), one accessible room.)

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