Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 15
to the Medina foyer.
Main entry and foyer: 
Automatic doors lead to a gentle grade into the foyer which is well lit and with
slip resistant surface. The reception counter is high.
Signage, Toilets and Telephones: 
The lifts are clearly visible and a telephone at an accessible height is subtly
signed. No accessible toilets on this level.
Easily identified with reachable call buttons but no audible arrival signal.
Internal call buttons are at a useable height and there is a grab rail.
Carpeted and wide.
Other features: 
A restaurant is off the foyer through a hinged glass door. A gym, lap pool and
conference facilities are
located on the fifth level  
there is an accessible
toilet/shower on this level.
Key Measurements: 
Rooms have been created
from offices and provide
plenty of circulation
Room: Door 820mm, lever
handle 1m. Door opens
into the room with space
to open the door from the
inside, the door return is heavy. The room is long with table, chairs, sofa, TV and
stereo (with remotes) and kitchen with fridge, hotplate, oven, sink (lever tap) and
dishwasher. There is no space to get knees under the sink or bench and
reaching the plug for the kettle is difficult. Crockery is in a high cupboard.
Bedroom door 800mm with lever handle 1m, Queen size bed 480mm limited
space underneath but good access either side. Can operate the lights and phone
from the bed. Desk is 650mm at lowest point.
Bathroom:  Door 800mm with lever handle at 800mm. Bathroom has good
circulation space approx. 2.4m x 1.95m. Shower seat 430mm high, 900mm x
400mm, lever taps 1m, grab rails 800mm. Basin 880mm, with lever tap, can
get knees underneath. Toilet 470mm high, 790mm front to back wall and

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