Chapter 15
Accessing Melbourne
no crossover. Flagstaff Station is less than 500m away.
Valet parking and cars are parked in the Hotels basement carpark. A lift takes
you directly to reception, but no disabled persons spaces.
Main entry and foyer: 
A gentle ramp leads from street level through automatic doors to a large open
foyer and reception area but with a high counter. The foyer is well lit with a dark
polished granite floor.
Signage, Toilets and Telephones: 
Exit signage is clear, the lifts are clearly visible and an accessible toilet is
available from the bar/restaurant. There is plenty of space in the restaurant. A
public telephone is provided but is too high for wheelchair use.
Easily identified with reachable call buttons but no audible arrival signal.
Internal call buttons are reachable but are not braille.
Carpeted and about 1.5m wide.
Other features: 
Access to the gym/pool is via
Key Measurements: 
Rooms are large with plenty of
circulation space.
Room:  Door 820mm magnetic
card key with lever handle
1200mm. Entry corridor is
1450mm wide with room to open
the door from the inside, the door
return is not too heavy. Queen
side bed at 580mm and limited
space underneath.
narrow either side of the bed. TV,
lights and telephone operable
from the bed. Air conditioner
control is out of reach.
Bathroom:  Door 820mm with
lever handle at 1200mm. Slight

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