Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 15
walk way connecting to David Jones department store (locked when the store
is closed).
Key Measurements: 
Entry into the room is tight with narrow corridor and heavy door return. Very
compact room, self catering facility with a sink, microwave, table & chairs.
Compact bathroom, there is circulation space but it may be difficult using a
commode over the toilet.
Room: Door 760mm, knob, heavy closer and internal corridor 960mm. Queen
bed 500mm,
limited space
space of 660mm
between bed end and fixed desk,
accessible side of the bed is
950mm. Lights and telephone can
be reached from the bed. No remote
for the TV.
Bathroom: Sliding door 800mm, lip
in 10mm, basin height 800mm, can
get knees under, capstan taps.
Wheel in shower, hand held shower,
capstan taps 1.26m, shower seat
500mm, 600mm x 390mm, grab
rails 880mm. Toilet 440mm, front to
back wall 570mm, centreline to side
wall 390mm, grab rails 800mm.
333 Exhibition St.
9663 3333, 2 accessible rooms self catering, rate $225, 4.5 stars
Location and environment: 
Situated north of Lonsdale St adjacent to Carlton Gardens, the historic
exhibition buildings. The gradient slopes towards Lonsdale St.
Transport and path of travel: 
Trams along Lonsdale St and taxis drop off at the entry but there are no
Basement carparks are available but no disabled persons spaces, book in

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