Chapter 15
Accessing Melbourne
front bed end to cupboard, 1500mm and 1200mm bed side access.
Bathroom: Sliding door 800mm, basin height 780mm, can get knees under,
switches at useable height, wheel in shower, hand held shower, plastic shower
chair, grab rails 820mm. Toilet 480mm, front to back wall 670mm, centreline to
side wall 460mm, grab rails 820mm.
265 Little Bourke St.
1800 337 315, 2 accessible rooms, rate $137, 3.5 stars.
Location and environment: 
Just around the corner from Swanston St. The area is flat. Chinatown begins on
the opposite side of Swanston St and continues up Little Bourke St. The
Welcome connects with the Swanston Hotel at street level.
Transport and path of travel: 
Trams run up Swanston St, trains at Melbourne Central and Flinders St Stations
(two blocks north and south) and taxis drop off In Little Bourke St.
Valet parking may be arranged upon request. There are a couple of commercial
car parks in the vicinity. There is a drop off area in Louden Place but this leads
to steps into the Hotel.
Main entry and foyer: 
Flat through automatic doors to the Porters desk. Take the lift up one level to
reception. The counter is high.
Signage, Toilets and Telephones: 
Exit signage clear. An accessible unisex toilet is through doors to the business
centre, but the toilet door is kept locked, the key is held at reception. Sliding
door of 720mm, basin has capstan taps. A telephone is accessible by the
business centre, coin operated.
Compact lifts with audible signal and tactile buttons located between 700 
Carpet, 1100mm wide.
Other features: 
Seasons Restaurant, flat entry opposite Business Centre. There is a ramped

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