Chapter 15
Accessing Melbourne
The hotel provides a Valet service in its on site parking.
Main entry and foyer: 
There is a gradient at the entry with automatic doors to a small foyer with
polished timber floor. Reception counter is in full view of the entry, but high. A
short steep grade leads to the cafe.
Signage, Toilets and Telephones: 
Exit signage is good, sign on the accessible unisex toilet is good. No accessible
Up a slight gradient and around corner from Reception. Call button and internal
buttons within 700 1250mm, no audible signals or braille buttons.
Width 1080mm and carpet floor covering.
Other features: 
Restaurant located on the first floor.
Key Measurements: 
Entry to the room from the external corridor via a tight turning circle
through door of 820mm into corridor of 990mm. The entry corridor
is  L  shaped and measures 970mm at the short leg of the  L .
There is a heavy door return, however a button on the wall
releases and opens the door from the inside.
Room: Door opens automatically once
pushed, card, lever handle opening.
The room is small with no space to
move between the end of the bed and
cupboard to get to the far side of the
King size bed. Access to one side only.
Lights and TV (remote) can be
operated from the bed.
Bathroom:  Door 820mm. Circulation
space, basin 1040m, can get knees
under, lever taps. Wheel in shower,
hand held shower rose, lever taps 1m,
shower seat 900mm x 400mm, grab
rail 1m. Toilet 420mm, front to back
wall 840mm, centreline to side wall
430mm, grab rails 790mm.

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