Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 15
485 Collins St.
1800 331 330, 2 accessible rooms, rate $286, 5 stars.
Location and environment: 
Le Meridian is situated in an historic precinct of Collins St, next to Rialto Towers
and Observation Deck.
Transport and path of travel: 
Trams run along Collins St and Taxis drop off at the main entry, however there is
no crossover. There is a general downwards gradient west along Collins St
towards William St.
Valet parking. A commercial car park is available in the basement of the Rialto
Towers, off Flinders Lane.
Main entry and foyer: 
A flat path of travel leads from the drop off to Main entry (>850mm), no automatic
doors but there is a doorman and the Porters desk is close to the main door.
Signage, Toilets and Telephones: 
Exit signage is clear, the main entry floor is marble and the foyer is well lit.
There are no accessible telephones. An accessible toilet is located in the
corridor leading to the conference rooms.
Easily identified by the reception desk. Call button is easily located but is not
braille. There is an audible signal upon lift arrival.
Corridors (>1500) are carpeted and the accessible rooms are located towards
Flinders Lane, a long way from the lifts.
Other features: 
A Restaurant is located on the lower level reached by the lift. Access to the
restaurant is awkward as you must cross part of an old bluestone laneway (all
enclosed within the building) to a 5cm lip up to a walkway which takes you to a
small ramp up to the restaurant. Unisex toilet access is available but you must
follow the bluestone laneway which becomes very uneven where historic horse
and cart traffic has worn grooves in the surface. A small cubicle with sliding
door, grab rails and limited circulation space.
Key Measurements:
Room: Door 860mm with lever handles 1100mm, magnetic card entry. There is

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