Chapter 15
Accessing Melbourne
SouthBank Boulevard.
1800 073 535, 9696 3100, 2 accessible rooms, rate $291, 5 stars.
Location and environment: 
Part of the Southgate leisure precinct south of the Yarra River. The area is flat
with wide promenade to the Casino Entertainment precinct.
Transport and path of travel: 
Trains to Spencer and Flinders St Stations with pedestrian access over Spencer,
Kings, Queens and Princes bridges. Trams along St Kilda Rd.
Valet parking. A separate lift outside the hotel services the car park with
disabled persons spaces. A drop off area is located adjacent to the main entry,
however the nearest crossover is at the corner, approx 20 metres away.
Main entry and foyer:
The main entry, has automatic doors (>850mm), opens to a foyer with the
porters desk, lifts and escalators leading to the Reception area. The floor is
polished marble. There is no high counter at reception, transactions are handled
at antique desks.
Signage, Toilets and Telephones: 
Exits are well signed and public areas brightly lit. Accessible toilets are located
in M/F toilets in the passageway to the conference rooms, but are not well
signed. An accessible telephone is located at the Reception area. Credit card
operation, key pad 1250mm high.
Easily identified and call button easily used but has no braille indication. Audio
signal sounds upon arrival, internal call buttons are high at 1550mm and has no
braille indication.
Wide (>1500mm) with thick carpet and rooms.
Other features: 
Restaurants, gym. Southgate restaurants.
Key Measurements:
Room: The room is an unusual shape with entry area (1960 x 2100mm) on an
angle across a corner. Both bathroom and bedroom open off the entry foyer.
The door is 750mm with a lever handle, automatic heavy door closer. The
bedroom measures 3m x 5.2m, there is a queen size bed at 530mm, space

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