Chapter 14
Accessing Melbourne
small lake. The River God Fountain, circa 1862, was built to commemorate
Melbourne's first reticulated water supply, with construction of the Yan Yean Dam.
Behind the Conservatory is the Statue of Meditation (1933) which was presented
to the City to honour the sorrow of mothers who had lost their sons during WWI.
The Fairies Tree (1934) was carved from one of the gardens original river red
gums. The Dolphin Fountain (1982) was donated by the Krongold Family, small
bronze dolphins, crabs, starfish and sea horses surmount a series of boulders.
Carlton Gardens
The Carlton Gardens are bounded by Nicholson St (Exhibition St), Rathdowne St
and Victoria St with the main entry from Nicholson St (park all day for $6). Another
entry is from Rathdowne St where there are two dedicated parking spaces and six
dedicated spaces located on the street.
The essentially flat, formal entry into the Royal Exhibition Building faces Nicholson
St. The IMAX theatre has been built on this site (see Chapter 9 Theatres) as part of
Victoria's new Museum, currently under construction and due to open late in the
year 2000.
The Exhibition Fountain (1880) was commissioned for the 1880 International
Exhibition, its design reflecting co themes of commerce, industry, science and the
arts with merpeople, innocent children and native flora and fauna.
The Carlton Gardens help form part of the  ring of greenery  around Melbourne,
they are compact, very green and shaded, sloping gently from north to south with
an accessible unisex toilet available on the west side (also in the IMAX theatre).

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