Chapter 14
Accessing Melbourne
children's playground was opened in 1918, apparently the first in Melbourne City
Council's park system.
The character of Flagstaff Gardens is principally created by large mature trees set
in open lawns. The southern end of the Gardens is dominated by deciduous trees
whilst the northern end contains many eucalypts. Elms are planted to define the
edges of the site and as avenues along paths. The gardens contain many fine
Moreton Bay fig trees, and eucalypts, including spotted and sugar gums. The site
contains at least one river red gum, possibly indigenous to the site.
The Pioneer Memorial (erected in 1871) to mark the site of Burial Hill, Melbourne's
first burial ground, is located slightly further down the hill. The sculpture  The
Court Favourite  is situated towards the William Street frontage of the gardens.
The gardens slope severely up from King St then down towards William and La
Trobe Sts. Steps and steep paths form the entry points from King St with a steep
grade greeting the visitor on the corner of King and La Trobe Sts. Best entry is from
William or Dudley Sts, the path off La Trobe is very rough and potholed in places.
The paths generally in Flagstaff gardens are in need of substantial repair.
Treasury Gardens
Treasury Gardens sits between Fitzroy Gardens and Spring St, the eastern
boundary of the CBD. A small but peaceful off square shaped garden, it is home to
city workers relaxing at lunchtime and (along with Fitzroy Gardens) a multitude of
possums at night.
Smooth bitumen paths with brick paved spoon drains are easily traversed but the
ground slopes steeply down from Treasury Place, the north boundary and Spring
St. The Sir William John Clarke Memorial, circa 1902, greets visitors from the
city. Clarke was a wealthy pastoralist who contributed to the funding of St Paul's
Cathedral. The Robert Burns Memorial is a replica of a sculpture in Ayr, Scotland,
birthplace of the great writer. Nearly every Scot in Melbourne contributed towards
the commission. The President JF Kennedy Memorial sits by the secluded lake,
there is a small step up but it is to be removed.
Fitzroy Gardens
Fitzroy Gardens is one of the major nineteenth century landscaped city gardens in
Australia. Proclaimed in 1848 as Fitzroy Square, and designed in 1857, the first
curator was James Sinclair, from 1857 1881. He naturalised the formal design and
created a dense woodland with meandering avenues and a gully of ferns and

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