Chapter 14
Accessing Melbourne
Species Rose Collection
This collection features a variety of old fashioned and species roses. They are
generally recognised for their highly perfumed flowers, colourful hips and
thorny stems. They are also significant for their role in the development of the
modern shrub roses we know today. The roses in this garden generally flower in
early summer and produce their colourful fruit in autumn.
Perennial Border
In this collection large drifts of perennials are interspersed with structural
ornamental plants. It is a garden of contrasts where the character of each plant
contributes significantly to the overall effect of the border: the colour and
texture of the flowers as well as the form of each plant. Summer is when most
of the plants here flower. The Perennial Border also provides the foreground for
Gardens House. This building was constructed in 1856, and was the home for
Directors of the Gardens until 1991.
New Caledonia Collection
The sub tropical islands of New Caledonia support an unusual group of plants.
They grow in soils that have near toxic levels of metal which deprive them of
essential nutrients. As a result the plants on New Caledonia do not grow to their
full size. Watch this collection to see whether the plants here grow more
vigorously in Gardens soils.
Flagstaff Gardens
Bounded by La Trobe, William, King and Dudley Sts, the gardens are probably the
most used by CBD workers from the northern part of the city but probably not many
people are aware of their importance to the colony of Victoria.
Flagstaff Gardens was used as a Cemetery in the 1830s and in 1840 the New
South Wales Colonial Government erected a Signalling Staff on the hill. This was
one of several within the Port Phillip District which were used for communicating
with Sandridge (Port Melbourne) and with ships on the Bay. The Signalling Staff
was also equipped with a Time Ball, dropped at noon every day. Flagstaff Hill was
also a prominent site for public gatherings including the announcement in
November 1850 of Victoria's Separation from the Colony of New South Wales.
In 1857 a cutting was excavated through the hill to ease the gradient of King Street
and this created the high bank which still forms the present western boundary. A
memorial to Melbourne's pioneers was erected on Flagstaff Hill in 1871 and a

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