Chapter 14
Accessing Melbourne
All of the parks detailed in this guide provide wheelchair access, but to varying
degrees of gradient, pathway surface (many paths are in need of substantial repair)
and availability of accessible toilets.
Melbourne's parks form part of the cultural life of the city. As part of Melbourne's
Open Air Sculpture Museum   sculptures are placed throughout the parks with
brief interpretive details provided.
Please note the Access Maps provided are a guide to the conditions experienced in
the parks. Paths have been  expanded  (and are not to scale), to indicate the
general gradient. Path surfaces are bitumen unless stated otherwise. Most paths
are  crowned  to provide water run off and several have a crossfall which can
make moving along them difficult.
Queen Victoria Gardens (QVG)
A peaceful triangular paradise hemmed in by the busy traffic lanes of St Kilda Rd,
Alexandra Ave and Linlithgow Ave, the gardens feature a large rotunda in honour of
Janet Lady Clarke, a memorial to King Edward VII and a large memorial to
Queen Victoria, who casts her regal gaze across rose gardens, ornamental lakes
and sweeping lawns to vistas of the Melbourne Concert Hall Spire and the city.
There are also several wonderful sculptures; The Genie Play Structure, The
Hammer Thrower showing the strain of an Olympic event in incredible detail, The
Phoenix (rising from the shores of a small pond) and The Bronze Water Children.
Access points into QVG are from St Kilda Rd (flat), Alexandra Ave and Linlithgow
Ave. The crossing at Alexandra Ave is controlled by traffic lights (but no audible
signal). Take care as this is a major thoroughfare which carries a significant
amount of traffic. There are crossovers, on the Alexandra Gardens side the
crossover is steep and to access the triangular safety island there are substantial
lips to negotiate.
Two, two hour disabled persons parking spaces are provided in Linlithgow Ave and
four four hour spaces are across the road. There is no footpath and small brick
edging along the nearest pathway into the QVG, so you must enter the pathways
from the road. There are no accessible toilets in QVG. The nearest toilets are in
Kings Domain next to the Myer Music Bowl (unisex toilet up the steep hill),
Alexandra Gardens (M&F), across St Kilda Rd at the Victorian Arts Centre or at the
Southbank precinct.

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