Chapter 12
Accessing Melbourne
located in the Hall of Manufacturers (access from side entries). The PB Ronald
Pavilion has a long two stage ramp (to 7.4%, 4.1%, up to 11.4%) before double
glass doors. An accessible toilet is located via the Lennon Ave entry. The kids will
love the Animal Nursery where there is flat access at either end with a crossfall
but watch the mess on the ground.
Three access points are available to the Main Arena, to view the Grand Parade,
animal judging, displays and the fireworks. Between the AG Hunter Stand and AR
Creswick Stand, the gradient up is steep, (14%). Viewing is available from the front
of the AR Creswick Stand or from the front section of the Mitchell Stand, but there
is a significant slope towards the track.
An area between the AG Hunter & Wilson Stand, via a gradient up (15%) allows
viewing from a flat fenced off section next to the AG Hunter Stand or between the
Chirnside & Cliff Stands, gradient (11%). Again there is a forward slope so the
viewing area may be at an uncomfortable angle.
Yarra River Cruises
Several cruise companies operate scenic, barbeque, lunch and dinner cruises on
the Yarra River, departing from  the wharf  at Southgate.
The wharf is accessed from a two stage ramp (8.6% and 8.9%) down to a long,
wide, stone built wharf where the following cruise companies operate:
Melbourne River Cruises (9614 1215) operates regular and function cruises.
Boomerang Waters (9696 0311) operates lunch and dinner cruises.
Melbourne City Penguins (9645 0533) operates cruises to the penguin
colony in Port Phillip Bay and barbeque cruises.
Melbourne's Steamboat Elizabeth Anne 1 and Williamstown Ferry
(9682 5711) runs cruises upstream and the ferry to Williamstown.
While access to the wharf is easy, access onto the various vessels is very difficult.
The tidal variation in the river is about two meters so at almost any time there is a
significant step onto the deck of any vessel, then there is a substantial distance
down into each vessel. Some vessels have steps, some don't, while the Steam Boat
would be impossible to get into with a wheelchair   a floating pontoon or wharf
would help access greatly.

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