Chapter 12
Accessing Melbourne
woodchopping. The Show is built on the display and judging of animals with more
than 32,000 competitive entries in cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, poultry,
rabbits, canaries and pigeons. Pavilions are also set aside specifically for
interaction with and learning about farm animals and pets.
Royal Melbourne Showgrounds hosts a number of other events during the year
including the Royal Melbourne Horse Show (January), Big Day Out (January)
Sheep and Wool Show (July) and Oktoberfest (October).
The Showgrounds topography has the Main Arena at the summit of a hill and all
gradients lead up to and around it. Most gradients are not steep at up to 5% or 1:20
but there is nearly always a crossfall to cope with. Most buildings were erected
many years ago without the provision for access, ramps and grades being added in
later years. The ramps are often steep so care and assistance may be necessary.
Accessible toilets are available but are not to standard, however RASV is reviewing
the quality of its facilities and seeking to make improvements.
Buildings of interest during showtime and other events include, the Showgrounds
Exhibition Centre (SEC) and the General Exhibition Centre (GEC) which form the
main exhibition space for shows, demonstrations and launches. Access to the GEC,
a two level circular building, is via a 17m long ramp (grade 12%) up to the top level
and two ramps (10%) down to the lower level with M&F well signed accessible
toilets. The upper level exhibition space includes a Theatrette, and a link through to
the SEC.
Entry to the Showgrounds Exhibition Centre (SEC) is from Plummer Ave is flat
through double glass main doors leading to a huge exhibition space. The SEC has
an accessible toilet towards the rear. While fast food vendors are everywhere
during the show, better quality food can be found at the Royal Cafe, access via the
footpath from the SEC, Rustlers Restaurant with flat access from Degraves St and
Walters Wine Bar (of Southgate fame), at the rear of the Mitchell Stand.
Other key exhibition spaces include, Centrepoint, Art Gallery (steep ramp 12%
from the front grass), the Art & Craft Hall, Vintage Farm Machinery and Cattle
Pavilions, Horses for Courses, the Clydesdale Pavilion and Woodchop Stadium
which are generally easy to access but watch for deteriorating bitumen and spoon
The show is famous for showbags full of goodies (generally lollies for the kids),

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