Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 11
the perimeter of the property and the iron palisade fence. The five story red brick
Edwardian building was considered as the most advanced hospital of its time, the
largest Edwardian hospital in Victoria and built along  pavilion  principles with wide
open balconies and decorative exterior.
An effort has been made to make the building accessible by constructing a series
of ramps up on side to an accessible entry at the rear and also across the front of
the building to the QV Gallery Cafe/restaurant. Gradients are mainly around 8.5%
but one is section is 13.6%. A unisex accessible toilet is on ground level.
Shell Building
1 Spring St, Shell Building. The huge shell sculpture in the front court yard marks
the main entry; a revolving door but next to it is a hinged door, in clear view of the
security desk which is at a height where you can be seen and converse with
security staff. This is a secure building so access to floors is controlled, however
there is a lift to Level 1 and an accessible toilet. You must turn through a door
(720mm) then turn left for the toilet door (sliding 800mm). The lift to Floor 2 takes
you to the rear entry/exit to Flinders Lane. This level is the Shell Theatrette and
Art Gallery featuring modern and Aboriginal Art on two levels linked by short ramp.
The door to Flinders Lane opens upon pressing a button clearly identified on the
internal and external walls. There is a gradient down to the footpath, 6% to nearly
10% although the paved area is open and wide.
Parliament House
Spring St, Parliament House (tours, M F, 10am, 11am ,12 noon, 2pm, 3pm &
3.45pm, free, 9651 8911) is an historic gem. Erected in stages; the two houses
between 1856 7, Library 1858 60, Queen's Hall and vestibule 1878 9, west front
1885 90 and refreshment rooms, 1930. Built from Stawell freestone on a
bluestone plinth the building has never been completed!
The Parliament Building is historically significant as the home of the Victorian
Government since the mid nineteenth century, and as the Seat of the
Commonwealth Parliament in the period between Federation and the
establishment of the Provisional Parliament House in Canberra in 1927. The
following quote from the Australian Heritage Register best describes the
significance of the building,  the original design of the building has never been
completed but, even in this incomplete state, this is one of Australia's grandest
buildings. The Greek Revival style evokes considerable splendour and embodies
the highest ideals of nineteenth century civic architecture. 

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