Chapter 11
Accessing Melbourne
Access is available by heading along the laneway which links Lonsdale and Little
Bourke Sts to a gated opening which leads to a courtyard. Ramped (5 & 12%)
access is provided through a side door and accessible M & F toilets are located
near Court 8.
The Crown Law Offices now Supreme Court of Appeal, were commenced in
1892 3 and built of brick faced on the front and side elevations by Stawell
freestone. Access is difficult, follow the signs and head up a laneway through the
open gates over small bluestone pavers to another laneway behind the building, at
the far end is a stair lift, telephone ahead for assistance.
Coop's Shot Tower
300 Lonsdale St, Melbourne Central is the location of Coop's Shot Tower. When
Melbourne Central was being constructed a glass cone, itself standing 20 storeys
tall, was built to protect the tower and encompass it within the development.
Completed in 1890 the brick tower, described as  a fine example of British
Romanesque Art Nouveau industrial architecture  rises 50 metres and was in
service until 1961 making lead shot and pipe. Lead shot was made by the  gravity 
method. Molten lead would be dropped from the top of the tower into a barrel of
water at the base. During the fall the molten lead would form a near perfect sphere
and then cool in the water.
Along with the tower which forms the atrium are a couple of replica historic  flying
machines ; one a balloon and a Wright Bros' Biplane and the Marionette Watch. A
gift from Seiko in Japan, each hour a marionette display performs Waltzing Matilda.
General Post Office
188 218 Elizabeth St the General Post Office is one of the most important
buildings in Victoria. It reflects the growth in importance of communications via
post in the state since 1841 and reflects the role played by the postal service in the
development of the colony especially during the gold rush and land boom of the
mid late nineteenth century. The architectural grandeur is enhanced by the location
at the heart of the CBD.
The building is described as  Victorian Free Classical  in style and constructed of
Mt Gambier Limestone in three stages commencing in 1859 67, then 1885 1890
when it was increased to its present height and the clock tower raised. In 1907 7
additions were made to the Elizabeth Street facade. In 1919 the original mail room

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