Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 11
London and Lancashire Building
400 402 Collins Street, London and Lancashire Building, in 1865 a stone building
of seven rooms was built for the Australasian Insurance Company, which owned
the site during the whole of the nineteenth century. In 1940 renovations including
adding three top floors in matching design (the demarcation line is still evident), a
new and monumental grey stone facade to the ground floor, extensions to the rear,
lifts, new stairs and extensive restructuring and partitioning.
Australian Mutual Provident Society Building
419 429 Collins St, on the corner of Market St, is the former Australian Mutual
Provident Society headquarters, erected in 1929 to the maximum allowable (at the
time) ten storeys, designed to Italian Renaissance fashion and clad in sandstone.
Royal Mint Building
280 William St, Royal Mint Building extends from La Trobe St to Little Lonsdale St.
Construction commenced in 1869 and was completed in 1870. It is regarded as
one of the finest examples of  Conservative Classicism  in Australia. The site
comprises the mint, two storey office building (styled after Raphael's Palazzon
Cafferelli Vidoni in Rome), residence and gatehouses, perimeter walling and
The Mint commenced producing only Gold Sovereigns in 1872 until 1916 when
silver coins were minted, pennies and halfpennies began to be minted in 1927. It
produced currency for India and New Guinea and was closed in 1968. It is now
head office for the Royal Historical Society which conducts tours on Tuesdays
(9670 1219). There is no wheelchair access.
Melbourne's Law Courts
192 228 William St., Melbourne's Law Courts comprising The Supreme Court
building which fronts William St and the Supreme Court of Appeal which fronts
459 Lonsdale St. These buildings exude the solemn atmosphere associated with
the law. The classical facades of the Law Courts form a significant streetscape and
with the Dome became an early Melbourne landmark.
Construction on the Supreme Court occurred from 1874 84, brick on bluestone
footings and faced with Tasmanian freestone, it is considered one of the finely
designed and executed buildings in Australia with Doric pilasters, fine quality
interiors, verandah, statue of justice and dark cedar fittings. The Dome above the
Library was modelled on the Dome of the Four Courts in Dublin.

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