Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 8
Access: Access is available via a small ramp management makes available
upon arrival, just book ahead. Seating is limited but you do sit at the end of an
aisle with your companions. An accessible unisex toilet is available on the
Lower Foyer but is poorly signed.
Greater Union Cinema
131 Russell St, Greater Union Cinema (9654 8133).
Access: Access to the ticket office is available where the gradient on the street
eliminates the steps. Cinemas 2 and 3 are accessed via the laneway to the side
of the theatre and then by entering through fire access doors. You need to
telephone ahead and arrange for staff to assist. Cinema Two has graded isles
but Cinema Three is stepped so you may have to sit at the front (near the
Village Centre
206 Bourke St, Village Centre (9667 6565).
Access:  Booking in advance is requested. A grade of 9.5% leads to Village
Boulevard, an arcade filled with shops and a couple of restaurants, Puccini's
(9663 1722) and Dragon Boat (9662 2733). The arcade extends to Chinatown
but there are steps down to Little Bourke St. An accessible unisex toilet is
available in the arcade, located behind the escalators near the entry is an
unmarked door. The toilet is behind that door, the key is held by Puccini's
Village has provided probably the most accessible movie theatres in the city,
hearing induction loops have been installed and access to all four theatres is
available. People with disabilities are encouraged to attend with a carer
admitted at no cost.
Village Centre Cinemas are accessed via automatic doors from the arcade. The
booking office will show you to a lift up to the next level where you will be met
by an usher. There is a bar and accessible unisex toilet on this level. The usher
will escort you by lift to the appropriate theatre and remove a seat to
accommodate a wheelchair. Seating is at the rear and on the flat while access
to theatre four is via stairlift.

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