Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 6
  Tandy (electronics) graded entry 14.5%,
  JB Hi Fi, a 10cm lip, then a 8.5% grade then a small lip,
  Aussie Disposals (army disposals store) with a grade 11.6% in,
  Franklins Video Store flat entry,
  Computer Software store,
  On the corner of Lonsdale St is Bulmers Shoes, flat entry.
Elizabeth St to Bourke St, features shops many of which provide easy access;
  Michaels Camera Store, with automatic doors and flat entry,
  Melbourne Optical Centre, small lip,
  Toon Inn, gallery of cartoon stills and animation art, flat entry hinged door,
  Army Disposals, flat entry,
  Teds Camera Store, short grade at 9.5%,
  Westpac ATM (screen can glare),
  Suit City, with a flat entry.
Crossing Little Bourke St, via crossovers,
  Optical City, short 11.6% carpeted grade,
  Broadwalk Cafe (also called Wiggas), small lip,
  Bernards Magic Shop, small step,
  National Bank, heavy glass doors,
  7/11, flat entry,
  McGills Bookstore, sliding doors and flat entry, and,
  St George Bank with automatic doors, a flat entry and ATM with flat screen.
109 Elizabeth St, Anti Cancer Council Shop with flat entry off the street and
hinged doors (often chocked open).
105 Elizabeth St, The Met Shop, has a ramped entry up at 15.6% then hinged doors.
Two standard height telephones are located on the footpath outside the shop.
The block between Collins and Bourke Sts, contains,
  McDonalds, stairs, narrow elevator
  Footrest (shoes), slight gradient in
  Hutchinsons Telecom, graded entry
  NRMA (insurance), wide entry and automatic doors
  Anina's Coffee Lounge, graded entry but fixed tables, high counter
  Speeds Shoes, graded entry
  Telefax Australia, flat entry
  Crest Shoes, flat entry

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