Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 6
Little Collins St
Between Swanston St Walk and Elizabeth St there is access to Centrepoint, The
Walk, Royal Arcade, Howey Place, Australia on Collins and the Block
Arcade. All offering a rich choice of cafes and shopping options.
Collins St
234 Collins St, Sportsgirl Centre, is a multi level shopping complex with many
boutiques. Direct entry from Collins St, the lift is centrally located but poorly
signed and call buttons camouflaged against a gold background. Access from
the Bourke St Mall is via the Walk Arcade to Little Collins St, then Howey Place,
a covered walkway which leads to a rear entry to Sportsgirl with a grade down
at 4.4%. Access to Howey Place is also via the Manchester Unity Building off
Swanston St Walk down a grade of 9.6% and the Capitol Arcade down a grade
of 7.5%.
An accessible unisex toilet is located on Level 2 by the food court and bar. The
toilet signage is poor but there is a baby change facility, the door pulls open but
is heavy and there is limited room to manoeuvre, not really a great option. Two
Telephones are located on the lower level, coin and card operated and 1.04m to
the keypad.
260 Collins St, Australia on Collins, encompasses a range of shopping options
and the Novotel Hotel. A traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing is adjacent
to the main entry. There is a gentle grade off Collins St to a large circular ceramic
tiled mural laid in the floor. A huge central atrium is flanked by three staged
ramps (5.5%, 5%, 5.7%) leading down to a lift, then down another ramp to the
cafe level. The lifts provide access to all floors. Accessible toilets are located on
Level 5 (Upper Collins) and the Food Court. Telephones are located on the 4th
floor, one is accessible, credit card only and 1.4m to the top of the keypad.
45 Collins St, Collins Place. You can park in the basement carpark where there are
two narrow dedicated spaces. Collins Place consists of three sections; The
Hotel Sofitel (25 Collins), the atrium shops and cafes, which are accessed via
the driveway off Collins St, and the two office towers which are accessed from
Collins St. An Australia Post office is accessed directly from Collins St.
Access from Collins St to the offices is via a narrow ramp/opening between
flower boxes which surround a feature waterfall and pond. There are revolving
and hinged doors. There are two ANZ ATM's by the doors but they are too high

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