Chapter 6
Accessing Melbourne
steep grade (12.5%) connecting the Welcome Hotel with its cafes and
accessible toilet (key with reception).
236 Bourke St, Target (9639 3566), a huge city store with a grade of 6.5% at entry
to the Target Centre Arcade. The centre houses a food hall (grade 5%) and a
range of shops including McDonald's. There is a connection (down a grade
5%) to the Midtown Plaza foodcourt serving a range of cuisines. Counters are
high so you will need to catch the eye of serving staff. On the street footpath,
tactile tiles lead from the entry to a tram stop in Bourke St.
The Target entry from Bourke St is wide through automatic opening doors to the
foyer where the main customer service counter is visible and is at a useable
height for a wheelchair. Signage is clear with good contrast and the lift can be
seen from the entrance. It is well signed but with poor contrasting colours
(white on grey). The two lifts; located next to counter 10, service all floors. An
accessible unisex toilet, with baby change facility is on the first floor near
reception. Target extends to Little Bourke St and an Australia Post office with
flat entry.
The Tivoli Arcade, with a grade up (5.1%) leads to a number of shops all with flat
access from the arcade; a hair dresser, book shop, Japanese Comic's and
Delifrance (9663 0255) on the corner of Bourke where there is flat entry. Tivoli
Arcade leads to lifts for RMIT Business Studies (9660 4759, 9660 4365
Disability Liaison Officer).
The Village Centre Arcade runs through to Little Bourke St but there are steps
down to street level. It includes a range of shops and several cafes including,
Dragon Boat Chinese Restaurant (9662 2733) and Puccini's Bar & Bistro,
(9663 1722). A key to the accessible toilet is held at Puccini's.
179 Bourke St, Darrel Lea Chocolate Shop, there is a step at Bourke St entry but
an easier entry from Russell St.
160 Bourke St, Mariana Hardwick (9662 3434), glamourous evening wear and
86 Bourke St, Collins Book Sellers (96629472), short grade from the street.
85 Bourke St, GasLight Records (9650 9009), gentle grade.
73 Bourke St, Aboriginal Gallery of Dreamings (9650 7291), gentle grade at

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