Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 6
The arcade is guarded by Gog & Magog (which date from 1870), modelled on
the mythical giants of the Guildhall in London. They symbolise the conflict
between ancient Christians and Trojan invaders, known as Cronies and
Gogmagog, who were captured in battle by the Trojans and enslaved in an
ancient palace thought to be on the site of the Guildhall. Royal Arcade is also
notable for its black and white tiled flooring, installed in 1937, and many shops
and a few cafes. Pay a visit to the Games Shop and Mortisha's Evening Wear
(wonderfully Adams Family esque).
314 336 Bourke St, Myer, is a large department store incorporating several
buildings. Myer is accessed from the Mall with a gentle gradient to the ground
floor of the Bourke St building. Myer extends to Lonsdale St with bridges
connecting the two buildings at Levels 1,2 & 3. Bridges also span Lonsdale St
connecting to Melbourne Central at Levels 2 & 3. Special note should be taken
of the Gourmet Grocery and Fast Food and the Market Place Restaurant on
Level 3 Lonsdale building.
Information board maps at entries from the Mall and Lonsdale St reveal store
layouts including accessible toilets. The information counter (and parcel hold
service) near the Lonsdale St entry (ramped from the street), is where you can
borrow a wheelchair or pusher. Lifts are located in each building on the east
side. The Bourke St building lift is staffed and the Lonsdale St lift is fully
accessible with reachable call buttons and voice over at floor arrival.
Access is available around the store where ramps connect buildings and
departments. The length of ramps and their gradients reflects the lack of
available space; many are quite steep. Bridges connecting Bourke St to
Lonsdale St stores vary from 4% to 15% while internal ramps can be steep
15% (2nd floor, China), 8.4% (2nd floor, Audio) and 14.6% (3rd floor, Women's
Wear). While the ramps may be steep Myer staff are very helpful and happy to
assist. Accessible toilets are located on Level 1 and Lower Ground in the
Lonsdale St building.
Fronting Bourke St, David Jones extends from Little Collins St to Lonsdale St
encompassing three buildings sensibly delineated; Men's Store (south side of
the Mall), Women's Store (north side of the Mall) and Home Store (Little Bourke
St to Lonsdale St). Access is available from street level and there is a lift (high
internal call buttons) in each building. Accessible toilets are located in the Men's
Store on Lower Ground and second floor.
The walkway to Little Bourke is carpeted and a grade (up to 9.1%), while there is a

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