Chapter 6
Accessing Melbourne
slopes meet. The lift has audio arrival signal, but internal buttons extend beyond
reach. The lift takes you to the bookshop levels and RACV shop. Signage in the
building for the lift is very good and clear. Accessible telephones are located on
Elizabeth St and an ANZ ATM is located in Bourke St.
Bourke St Mall
Melbourne's first pedestrian mall is closed to vehicular traffic between Swanston
and Elizabeth Sts, just watch out for the trams and cruising police cars. The Mall
is alive with buskers, street theatre, fund raisers flogging raffle tickets and
many shops. At the junction with Swanston St Walk is a sculpture:  Three men
who brought their own lunch; Batman, Swanston and Hoddle , a clever
twist on three important and historic figures in Melbourne's development, this is
possibly Melbourne's most photographed sculpture. Towering above the
intersection atop four tram poles are the  Weather Vanes , a wild bird, horse,
fish and flying pig. These sculptures were erected in 1993, commissioned by
the City as part of its Swanston St Walk Arts Program.
You will not be able to miss @alt.TV, a huge TV screen dominating the
intersection with broadcasts of sound and colour including sporting events,
news readers and video clips. The General Post Office and department stores,
Myer and David Jones (DJ's) dominate the north side of the mall while leading
off the south side are several arcades with historic and heritage features,
including shops and cafes.
Access is available into many stores several with steep grades where steps
have been removed. Shops available include Esprit, Centrepoint  which
extends through to Little Collins St with a grade (8.5%), Just Jeans, Katie's
(women's clothing), Darrel Lea (confectionery), the Body Shop, HMV music
store among others.
The Walk is a fully carpeted arcade sloping down (8.2% at the entry) and (8.4% at
the exit) to Little Collins St. There are several boutiques and cafes all easily
accessed with an accessible unisex toilet (door knob) located at the base and
left hand side of the slope down from the mall. The toilet is through an unsigned
Royal Arcade, erected in 1869, is the oldest arcade in Melbourne and despite
many alterations, still maintains its elegant and unique appearance. Glass
roofed, light and spacious, it is entered from the Mall or Little Collins St with a
gradient down at the exit (4.8%) becoming steeper (14.6%) at the crossover.

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