Chapter 5
Accessing Melbourne
260 Collins St, Australia on Collins. The foodcourt is located on Level 5 (Upper
Collins) and there is a toilet. You can also dine at the cafe located within the
Novotel Hotel, also with an accessible unisex toilet.
314 336 Bourke St, Myer Food Hall is located on the ground floor of the Lonsdale
Building between Little Bourke St and Lonsdale St. Access is via ramp down
from the Lonsdale St entry, Little Bourke St entry or from the Mall through the
Bourke St building. Myers has developed a Gourmet Grocery and Gourmet Fast
Food outlet serving wonderful high quality treats, to be taken away and
savoured. A cafe, Le Cordon Bleu & Patisserie provides sit down meals. Toilets
are located on the first and lower ground floors.
Bourke St, the David Jones Food Hall is on the lower ground floor of the store
between Little Collins St and the Bourke St Mall containing a gourmet grocery
and deli, selling an array of gourmet foods and delicacies which can be taken
away. There is no seating but there is a coffee bar at one end and an accessible
unisex toilet nearby. Another toilet is on the second floor. Access is available
from the Mall but steps lead up from Little Collins St.
164 Swanston St, Midtown Plaza, has entries from Swanston and Bourke Sts
(near the Target Centre). A long grade of 7.2% then a short 8% leads to a range
of cuisines served from behind high counters which are difficult for a
wheelchair so you will have to make sure you catch the eye of serving staff.
Tables and chairs are provided but this foodcourt is extremely popular in the
city. Nearest accessible toilets are in Target (up a grade of 5.3%) and Level 1,
Midtown Plaza in the Nike store on the corner.
Southgate on the south side of the Yarra River contains probably the best array of
cuisines in its Food Wharf. Many vendors here operate behind counters which
are lower and more friendly than some other food courts. There is even a bar,
Rhumbas. For access description refer Chapter 14 Attractions & Sport.
Casino Entertainment Complex contains a good foodcourt on ground level
towards the western end of the complex. There is a range of cuisines available
but counters are high for wheelchairs, although some serving staff will assist,
accessible toilets are nearby. For access description refer Chapter 14
Attractions & Sport.
Queen Victoria Market Foodcourt is located just off the corner intersection of
Victoria and Elizabeth Sts or via sliding doors from Queen St. There are a range
of different cuisines and a short ramp bridges the two internal steps. M&F
toilets nearby. Refer to Chapter 14 Attractions & Sport.

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