Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 3
Parking Permits: The City of Melbourne administers the Statewide Disabled
Parking Scheme for the Melbourne Municipality issuing permits under the scheme.
Such permits are recognised in other States under reciprocal arrangement. Permits
under the scheme are known as The Disabled Persons Parking Permit,
measures 10x8cm, includes the blue international wheelchair symbol, Permit No.,
Expiry Date and the city of issue. The plastic permit is affixed to the windscreen of a
vehicle. All municipal councils administer the scheme in their municipality.
In addition to the DPPP, the City of Melbourne has developed two variations
applicable only within the City of Melbourne; Disabled Persons Employment Permit
and a Daily Permit for city visitors. The entitlements all three permits convey are:
Disabled Persons Parking Permit (DPPP): allows the holder to park at no cost
for the time specified, in an on street allocated parking space and to park in a
metered parking area for twice the allocated period upon payment of the fee.
Disabled Persons Employment Permit (DPEP): allows the holder to park at a
metered parking area all day upon payment of the fee.
Daily Permit (DP): allows the holder of a DPPP to park all day at a metered
parking area upon payment of the fee.
In some City of Melbourne car parks the meter machines are not accessible,
therefore you are able to park within any space all day for no cost, in this case the
meter machine carries a notice to this effect.
On street car spaces are cheap and convenient for some but do not offer the same
level of comfort and safety of commercial car parks. However, commercial car
parks are expensive. Many provide allocated parking spaces (unfortunately with no
discount) and most of those that don't will do their best to assist you to park.
The Accessible Parking Map shows council provided on street parking spaces (for
DPPP holders) and the location of commercial car parks. The street number on the
map refers to the relevant listing. It is advisable to call the number and arrange to
park and confirm the easiest point of entry to the car park.

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