Chapter 2
Accessing Melbourne
For better or worse Melbourne has a toll road system, CityLink (132 629 24 hours)
The CityLink system consists of two sections: The Western Link from the junction
of the Tullamarine and Calder Freeways to the West Gate Freeway and includes
three toll gates, and the Southern Link, which includes the Domain Tunnel, to The
Monash Freeway commencing at Bourke Rd, Camberwell, and the continuation of
Exhibition St and the Burnley Tunnel at Richmond. Six toll gates are positioned on
this stretch of road.
Payment Methods: Payment depends upon usage. CityLink promotional material
suggests that usage of more than 6 times a year then a CityLink Toll Account is
appropriate. You obtain an e Tag or electronic transponder which is read by "toll
sensors" and then the appropriate toll amount is deducted from your Account.
Phone 13 26 29 to open an account over the phone via credit card, you then keep
the account topped up via credit card.
Day Passes: A Day Pass, for infrequent users, can be arranged in advance 
(13 26 29) and entitles you to unlimited travel on the nominated day from midnight
to midnight. A Late Day Pass can be purchased after using CityLink but only until
12noon on the day following use and the penalty cost is an additional $1.
Otherwise a $100 fine applies!  The toll cost depends upon the class of vehicle but
a sedan, station wagon, most 4WD's, utility, van and mini bus fall under the
classification of a Car and the cost for a Day Pass is $7 and Late Day Pass $8.
Implications: Visitors to Melbourne should be aware that travelling into the city
from the North from country Victoria or the airport along the Tullamarine Freeway
will see them incur a toll. Similarly, visitors from the eastern suburbs and Eastern
Victoria using the Monash Fwy and Southern Link will incur tolls. Call 13 26 29 for
advice and to purchase your Day Pass.
Visitors hiring cars are responsible for any tolls (fines). Signage leading up to the
CityLink system clearly identifies the phone number for purchasing the pass. Hire
car companies inform hirers of their obligations under the CityLink system. A
telephone connected directly to CityLink is located near the hire car rental offices at
Melbourne Airport so hirers can purchase a relevant CityLink Pass.

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