Accessing Melbourne
Chapter 2
Bus owners and operators are aware of their obligations under the DDA and seek to
comply and provide accessible transport but are unable and unprepared to commit
to expenditure on bus modifications until they have a standard to follow. There is
little value committing expenditure if the modifications do not meet the impending
The Draft Standard for accessible public transport requires that all public transport
be made progressively accessible. It is anticipated the standard will pass through
the Australian Transport Council (consisting of all Australian Transport Ministers)
and then Parliament during the year 2000. After this time we should progressively
see long haul buses being made available.
The Nightrider service was introduced in 1993 to meet the need for a safe public
transport option after the last train has run on Friday and Saturday nights (in effect
Saturday and Sunday AM) commencing at 12.30am and running hourly thereafter
until 4.30am. Services to the city commence at 12.30am, the last at 3.30am. The
busses have a telephone and direct taxi link so transport can be arranged to meet
you at your stop.
Nightrider buses depart from the Crown Entertainment Complex. Some depart from
the City Square in Swanston St Walk. It is pleasing that most of the vehicles
providing the Nightrider service are low floor accessible buses which operate on
the following routes, (check out the detailed routes on the web,
  Bayswater, US Bus Lines (9754 8111), all low floor accessible busses,
  Craigieburn, Tullamarine Buses (9338 3817), 3 low floor vehicles,
  Dandenong & Frankston, Grendas (9791 2988), 2 low floor buses,
  Eltham & Epping, Reservoir Buses, no low floor vehicles,
  Croydon/Lilydale, Mt Dandy Buses (9723 3529), all low floor accessible
  St Albans (Melton/Sunbury) & Werribee, Melbourne Bus Link (9689 8555),
all low floor buses.

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