Accessing Melbourne
Internet site contains an interactive version of
Melbourne's Mobility Map with the ability to search and zoom to retrieve greater
detail and information (there is also an entertainment and events page which is
updated monthly). Operated by Pixeltech Design, the site is being expanded and
will include details from the Accessing Melbourne research. Updated city access
information will also be available on this site.
Admission Prices
Most venues quote a price for Adults, Seniors (including various concessions),
Children (age definition tends to vary but usually 16 is the cut off) and Families
(usually two adults and up to three children). However some venues are beginning
to recognise that some people with a disability can only enjoy a facility with the
assistance of a carer. Accordingly those venues are adopting a policy of charging
the person with a disability the relevant fee and admitting the carer at no charge.
This practice is not yet widespread but is gaining acceptance, so always ask when
making a booking or acquiring tickets to a venue.
Melbourne City Council has assisted in the development of the Carer Card where
the bearer is entitled to free entry at venues which recognise the card. The card is
Melbourne based only at this stage and for more information contact VICNORD on
9489 2999.
GST   Goods and Services Tax
On 1 July 2000, Australia adopted a Goods and Services Tax, levied at 10%. The
GST replaced existing wholesale sales taxes and combined with cuts in personal
income tax has impacted in a significant way on how business is conducted.
Individuals have more money in their pocket to spend but many goods and services
have increased in cost (although some have gone down in price). In respect to the
prices quoted in this guide visitors should expect a general increase of 10%
although at the time of publication it was unclear as to the final effect. Prices will
however be quoted by service providers etc as being inclusive of GST.

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