Accessing Melbourne
Getting Around Melbourne
Melbourne is an accessible city from several perspectives. Specifically planned
with a rectangular street layout, streets meet at right angles making orientation
straightforward. Footpaths on main thoroughfares are wide with plenty of seating
provided. Melbourne's   lanes  are narrower often with difficult footpaths to
negotiate where they intersect with driveways and other lanes. However it is in
these Lanes that you will find interesting architecture, great cafes and shopping.
Melbourne City Council has improved street access for wheelchairs, prams and
people with mobility difficulties by ensuring crossovers or kerb ramps are in place
at nearly all intersections.
The Melbourne CBD Mobility Map identifies the easiest and uninterrupted path of
travel along city streets. It is published annually by the City of Melbourne & Melway
Publishing and includes the locations of accessible toilets, on street disabled
persons car parking spaces and accessible commercial car parks, accessible pay
phones and public TTY phones. It also contains useful leads to further sources of
information. Copies are available at Melbourne Town Hall, the Victorian Visitor
Information Centre or by phoning 9658 9658.
City intersections are normally equipped with audio pedestrian crossing signals.
Directional tactile ground surface indicators (tactile tiles) lead from the building line
identifying tram stops along Swanston Street and its major intersections: Flinders,
Collins, Bourke, Lonsdale and La Trobe Streets. Directional tiles (featuring raised
lines) run from the building line to the kerbside and hazard tiles (raised dots)
indicate kerbsides, stopping points and tram zones.
The city's topography consists of several undulations leading down to the Yarra
River   the highest point is La Trobe St and Russell St and the lowest point along
Flinders St. Gradients in the main shopping and entertainment precincts around the
Mall, the centre of the city, are not significant until you move outside the Mall, i.e.
east or west along Bourke St or North up Swanston St.

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