The Authority completed a stage one review of the scheme legislation in August 2002, for advice to the Minister.
Legislative Reform   SRC Act
During the year, significant amendments to the SRC Act came into force.  The Safety, Rehabilitation and Other
Legislative Amendment Act 2001 (SRCOLA Act) received royal assent on 1 October 2001.  The legislative changes
have now been implemented.  The SRCOLA Act amended the SRC Act by:
enabling compensation payments to ex employees to be updated by reference to a prescribed index
clarifying that there is no entitlement under the SRC Act to a lump sum payment for non economic loss for a 
permanent impairment occurring prior to 1 December 1988, except where a claim has been lodged before the 
introduction of this amendment (7 December 2000)
clarifying provisions relating to the calculation of compensation
enabling all employees to receive weekly compensation payments beyond the age of 65 for a maximum period of
104 weeks if they are injured after the age of 63
ensuring that persons providing rehabilitation services meet acceptable standards, through a range of measures
ensuring that dependants of deceased employees are not barred from taking action at common law
improving access to compensation for permanent impairment for hearing loss
streamlining the existing complex licensing arrangements
amending provisions relating to premiums and regulatory contributions
amending various technical and miscellaneous provisions
including as a member of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission a member nominated by the 
Chief Minister of the ACT to represent the interests of ACT public sector employees.
SRC Act   penalty provisions
Since the Criminal Code was enacted in 1995, all Commonwealth legislation with criminal provisions has been
gradually amended to modernize and standardize the criminal law across the Commonwealth.  In line with this,
amendments were made to the penalty provisions in the SRC Act.
Regulations   supporting SRCOLA changes
On 27 March 2002, the Executive Council approved regulations to implement amendments made to the SRC Act in
Schedule 2 of the SRCOLA Act.  The regulations prescribe a number of matters essentially designed to streamline
licensing arrangements, to introduce new approval processes for rehabilitation providers and to clarify provisions
relating to compensation.  The Regulations implement the SRCOLA Act by prescribing:
additional categories of health professionals who can provide `medical treatment' as defined in the SRC Act, to 
enable the costs of such treatment to be reimbursed to the claimant without the need for referral to a medical 
practitioner (Regulation 17)
an index for determining the  appropriate amount of compensation for ex employees in relation to increases in 
normal weekly earnings.  There are also instructions for calculating the increase in normal weekly earnings 
(Part 2 of the Regulations)
the renewal periods for approval as a rehabilitation program provider, as well as the fees for applications for 
initial approval and renewal of that approval (Part 3 of the Regulations)
a `prescribed day' for the annual date by which information must be provided to Comcare for estimating salary 
and wages to be paid to employees during the next financial year (Regulation 19)
the form for an application for a licence, as well as the required particulars of the applicant, and other 
information and documents that must be contained in or accompany licence applications (Part 4 of the 
the consequences of revocation of a licence and suspension of a licence (Part 5 of the Regulations).
Heads of Workers' Compensation Authorities  45

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