$166,924.93 for permanent
$170,060.80 for permanent
A single loss amount means
Lump sum compensation for
permanent impairment injury
CPI indexed.  S 49
occuring after 1 April 2002.
Maximum award is $100,000. No
Maximum loss amount
award if impairment is less than
means $152,258.40
10% as assessed using AMA
CPI indexed.  S 50
Guides 4th Edition.
For injury prior to 1 April 2002, an
independence allowance may be
payable, if impairment is greater
than 10%
From 1 April 2002, a spouse of a
person killed in an accident can
apply to have weekly compensation
No award below 5% whole 
No award below 5% whole 
Assessed impairment of 10%
person impairment for
person impairment
using the AMA Guides (4th
physical impairment, except
  5 9%: 2% of maximum
for impairment involving the
loss of a finger or toe
  10 14%: Sliding scale to 
No award for psychiatric
12% of maximum
impairment of less than 10%
  15 84%: True % of maximum
whole person impairment
  >  84% :Maximum amount 
(Statutory maximum = 
Whole person impairment
Whole person impairment
No assessment methodology
assessed according to
assessed according the
guidelines issued by the
American Medical
Amount calculated with
WorkCover Tasmania Board
Association's Guides 
reference to Part 4.4, and
or, if no such guidelines are
(4th Edition)
Schedule 1
issued, the AMA Guides (4th
Edition) or such other
methods as may be
Section 39 of the Workers
Under NT legislation there is
This is generally a matter of
Rehabilitation and
provision for lump sum
negotiation between the
Compensation Act 1998
payments for permanent
injured worker and the
allows the settlement of a
impairment and commutation
claim by agreement where:
Section 71 of the Work Health
(a) the injury is stable and 
Act provides that if an injury
stationary, and
results in a permanent
impairment, the injury when
(b) 12 months has elapsed 
stabilised is assessed as a
since the lodgement of the
percentage loss of whole of
bodily function
The entitlement is calculated as
a percentage of a maximum of
208 AWE ($170,060.80)
Section 74 of the Work Health
Act provides for the commuting
of weekly benefits to a lump
sum, calculated to a maximum
amount of 156 x AWE
This is only for a worker who is
not totally incapacitated for
work and where rehabilitation
is complete. It does not include
medical and like expenses,
which continue to be paid as
Heads of Workers' Compensation Authorities  29

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