Section 5 of the Act
There are no
Section 87 of the Act
Section 65 of the Act
Entitlement to
defines `notional
provisions in the Act
provides that
refers to long term
benefits continues
compensation paid
residual entitlement'
that refer to
(1.) Subject to sub 
until the retirement
for loss of earnings
Section 24A   Lump
retirement age
section (2.), an
A worker will be
age of 65 years. S
normally stops when
entitlement of a
sum compensation
Entitlement to
paid 75% of his/her
the person reaches
worker to weekly
for noise induced
benefits cease when:
loss of earning
`New Zealand
payments of
hearing loss
(a) incapacity
compensation ceases:
capacity until:
Qualifying Age
Section 56  
because of the injury
(a) if the injury occurs
(a) he/she attains the
(NZSQA)' i.e.
Entitlements to
ceases; or
on or before the date
age of 65 years; or
retirement age
weekly payments
on which the worker
(b) worker has
(b) if the normal
ceasing on account
attains the age of 64
Between 1 April
received weekly
retiring age for
of age
years, on his/her
1994 and 2001 the
compensation for 5
workers in the
attaining the age of 65
NZSQA was raised
Section 68  
years of incapacity; or
years; or
industry or
from 60 to 65 years
Calculation of lump
(c) the statutory
occupation in which
(b) if the injury occurs
If incapacity occurs
after the date on
he/she was employed
between 24 and 12
Section 198  
which the worker
at the time of the
months prior to
Weekly payments
amount is reached  
attains the age of 64
injury is more than
years, on the date one
NZSQA, weekly
after the age of 64
$157,955 (this
65 years, he/she
year after the injury
attains that normal
compensation can be
Schedule 5   Where
includes lump sum
retiring age
paid for 24 months
a worker attains the
for permanent
(2.) Where the terms
from the start date,
age of 65 she/he is
impairment, and
and conditions of a
provided they elect
entitled to receive
weekly compensation
workers' employment
upon reaching
the `supplementary
amounts); or
are such as to permit
NZSQA to receive
amount' if it can be
(d) 28 days after an
him/her to continue in
weekly compensation
proved the worker
offer of lump sum
that employment
beyond the age of 65
rather than
was going to work
compensation for
years, the worker may
beyond the age of
refer to the Tribunal
If incapacitated within
65 (until age 70)
impairment is made;
for determination of
12 months prior to
Workers suffering
the question as to
NZSQA, or after
disability after age 64
(e) WorkCover and
whether or not the
provision of subsection
reaching NZSQA,
years have a period
the worker agree on
(1) should apply
weekly compensation
of one year for
an amount that
can be paid as well as
(3.) Pursuant to
payment of weekly
subsection (2.), if the
any superannuation,
compensation from
WorkCover's liability
Tribunal is satisfied:
until the later of:
the date of
to make weekly
(a) that the terms of
  NZSQA date
payments; or
the worker's
  the first date of
Special provisions
(f) when entitlement
employment would
entitlement to weekly
apply to workers
to weekly
have entitled him/her
suffering asbestos 
compensation is
to continue in that
After that 52 weeks,
reviewed and the
employment beyond
65 years, and the
they can elect to
entitlement is ceased
worker, but for the
receive either weekly
(e.g. no longer
injury refer to sub 
compensation or
incapacitated due to
section (1.), intended
to continue in that
superannuation for a
employment beyond
further year. Weekly
that age; and
compensation stops
(b) that the incapacity
after that further year
of the worker resulting
from that injury will
continue beyond the
date the worker
attains the age of 65
The Tribunal  might
determine that weekly
payments may be
continued beyond the
dates mentioned in
subsection (1) and
shall determine the
period for which such
payments are to be
Heads of Workers' Compensation Authorities  17

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