Handling XML Documents in a Web Service
Chapter 5, specifically the section entitled  Use XML Judiciously  on page 194,
which provides guidelines on this issue. Following these guidelines may help mini 
mize the performance overhead that comes with passing XML documents through
workflow stages. 
Also, when deciding on an approach, keep in mind the costs involved for
using XML and weigh them along with the recommendations on parsing, valida 
tion, and binding documents to Java objects. See Chapter 4 for a discussion of
these topics.
3.7.5 Using JAXM and SAAJ Technologies
The J2EE platform provides an array of technologies including mandatory tech 
nologies such as JAX RPC and SAAJ and optional technologies such as Java
for XML Messaging (JAXM) that enable message and document exchanges with
SOAP. Each of these J2EE technologies offers a different level of support for
SOAP based messaging and communication. (See Chapter 2 for the discussion on
An obvious question that arises is: Why not use JAXM or SAAJ technologies
in scenarios where you have to pass XML documents? If you recall:
  SAAJ lets developers deal directly with SOAP messages, and is best suited for 
point to point messaging environments. SAAJ is better for developers who 
want more control over the SOAP messages being exchanged and for develop 
ers using handlers.
  JAXM defines an infrastructure for guaranteed delivery of messages. It pro 
vides a way of sending and receiving XML documents and guaranteeing their 
receipt, and is designed for use cases that involve storing and forwarding XML 
documents and messages. 
SAAJ is considered more useful for advanced developers who thoroughly
know the technology and who must deal directly with SOAP messages. 
Using JAXM for scenarios that require passing XML documents may be a
good choice. Note, though, that JAXM is optional in the J2EE 1.4 platform. As a
result, a service developed with JAXM may not be portable. When you control
both end points of a Web service, it may make more sense to consider using

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