Chapter 3 Service Endpoint Design
3.7.2 Separating Document Manipulation from Processing Logic
When your service's business logic operates on the contents of an incoming XML
document, the business processing logic must at a minimum read the document, if
not modify the document. By separating the document manipulation logic from the
processing logic, a developer can switch between various document manipulation
mechanisms without affecting the processing logic. In addition, there is a clear divi 
sion between developer skills. 
It is a good practice to separate the XML document manipulation logic from 
the business logic.
The  Abstracting XML Processing from Application Logic  section on page
155 provides more information on how to accomplish this separation and its
3.7.3 Fragmenting XML Documents
When your service's business logic operates on the contents of an incoming XML
document, it is a good idea to break XML documents into logical fragments when
appropriate. When the processing logic receives an XML document that contains all
information for processing a request, the XML document usually has well defined
segments for different entities, and each segment contains the details about a spe 
cific entity. 
Rather than pass the entire document to different components handling various 
stages of the business process, it's best if the processing logic breaks the doc 
ument into fragments and passes only the required fragments to other compo 
nents or services that implement portions of the business process logic.
See  Fragmenting Incoming XML Documents  on page 153 for more details
on fragmentation.
3.7.4 Using XML 
XML, while it has many benefits, also has performance disadvantages. You should
weigh the trade offs of passing XML documents through the business logic process 
ing stages. The pros and cons of passing XML documents take on greater signifi 
cance when the business logic implementation spans multiple containers. Refer to

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