Chapter 3 Service Endpoint Design
built when the service interface definition and implementation are already 
known to it, even though this information was found dynamically.
  Scenario 3: The service implements an interface at a well known location, or 
it expects its clients to use tools to find the interface at build time. Since the 
Web service's clients are generic clients they are not clients designed solely 
to use this Web service you must design the service so that it can be regis 
tered in a registry. Such generic clients dynamically find a service's specific 
implementation at runtime using registries. Choose the type of registry for the 
service either public, corporate, or private depending on the types of its cli 
ents either general public or intra enterprise its security constraints, and so 
Table 3.2
Discovery Binding Scenarios for Clients
Discover Service 
Discover Service 
Binding to Specific 
Interface Definition
None or dynamic at 
Dynamic at build time
build time
None or dynamic at 
Dynamic at runtime
Dynamic at build time
build time
Handling XML Documents in a Web Service
Up to now, this chapter addressed issues applicable to all Web service implementa 
tions. There are additional considerations when a Web service implementation
expects to receive an XML document containing all the information from a client,
and which the service uses to start a business process to handle the request. There
are several reasons why it is appropriate to exchange documents:
  Documents, especially business documents, may be very large, and as such, 
they are often sent as a batch of related information. They may be compressed 
independently from the SOAP message. 
  Documents may be legally binding business documents. At a minimum, their 
original form needs to be conserved through the exchange and, more than like 
ly, they may need to be archived and kept as evidence in case of disagreement. 

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