Chapter 3 Service Endpoint Design
Code Example 3.13
Mapping a Service Specific Exception in WSDL
Use of Handlers
As discussed in Chapter 2, and as shown in Figure 3.1, JAX RPC technology
enables you to plug in SOAP message handlers, thus allowing processing of SOAP
messages that represent requests and responses. Plugging in SOAP message han 
dlers gives you the capability to examine and modify the SOAP requests before they
are processed by the Web service and to examine and modify the SOAP responses
before they are delivered to the client.
Handlers are particular to a Web service and are associated with the specific
port of the service. As a result of this association, the handler's logic applies to all
SOAP requests and responses that pass through a service's port. Thus, you use
these message handlers when your Web service must perform some SOAP
message specific processing common to all its requests and responses. Because
handlers are common to all requests and responses that pass through a Web
service endpoint, keep the following guideline in mind:

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