Designing a Service's Interaction Layer
Code Example 3.10
Implementation of a Service Specific Exception
Code Example 3.11 shows the service implementation for the same weather
service interface. This example illustrates how the service might throw
public class WeatherServiceImpl implements WeatherService {
public String getWeather(String city)
throws CityNotFoundException {
throw new CityNotFoundException(city + " not found");
// Get weather info and return it back
Code Example 3.11
Example of a Service Throwing a Service Specific Exception
Chapter 5 describes the details of handling exceptions on the client side. (In
particular, refer to  Handling Exceptions  on page 230.) On the service side, keep
in mind how to include exceptions in the service interface and how to throw them.
Generally, you want to do the following:
Convert application specific errors and other Java exceptions into meaningful 
service specific exceptions and throw these service specific exceptions to the 
Although they promote interoperability among heterogeneous platforms, Web
service standards cannot address every type of exception thrown by different plat 
forms. For example, the standards do not specify how Java exceptions such as
 should be returned to the
client. As a consequence, it is important for a Web service from the service's
interoperability point of view to not expose Java specific exceptions (such as
those just mentioned) in the Web service interface. Instead, throw a service spe 
cific exception. In addition, keep the following points in mind:

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