Key Web Services Design Decisions
  Exposes an interface that clients use to make requests to the service
  Makes a service available to partners and interested clients by publishing the 
service details
  Receives requests from clients
  Delegates received requests to appropriate business logic and processes the 
  Formulates and sends a response for the request
Given this flow of logic, the following are the typical steps for designing a
Web service.
1. Decide on the interface for clients. Decide whether and how to publish this 
You as the Web service developer start the design process by deciding on the 
interface your service makes public to clients. The interface should reflect the 
type and nature of the calls that clients will make to use the service. You should 
consider the type of endpoints you want to use EJB service endpoints or 
JAX RPC service endpoints and when to use them. You must also decide 
whether you are going to use SOAP handlers. Last, but not least, since one rea 
son for adding a Web service interface is to achieve interoperability, you must 
ensure that your design decisions do not affect the interoperability of the ser 
vice as a whole.
Next, you decide whether you want to publish the service interface, and, if so, 
how to publish it. Publishing a service makes it available to clients. You can 
restrict the service's availability to clients you have personally notified about 
the service, or you can make your service completely public and register it with 
a public registry. Note that it is not mandatory for you to publish details of your 
service, especially when you design your service for trusted partners and do not 
want to let others know about your service. Keep in mind, too, that restricting 
service details to trusted partners does not by itself automatically ensure secu 
rity. Effectively, you are making known the details about your service and its 
access only to partners rather than the general public.
2. Determine how to receive and preprocess requests.
Once you've decided on the interface and, if needed, how to make it available, 
you are ready to consider how to receive requests from clients. You need to de 
sign your service to not only receive a call that a client has made, but also to 

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