Service Endpoint Design
 services interact with clients to receive the clients' requests and return
responses. In between the request and the response, a Web service applies appropri 
ate business logic to process and fulfill a client's request. Designing an effective
Web service starts with understanding the nature of the service to be provided that
is, how the service is going to interact with the client and how it is going to process
and fulfill the client's request coupled with how users of the service find and make
their requests. This chapter examines Web services from the perspective of a ser 
vice's interaction and processing functionality. 
The chapter describes the key issues you must consider when designing a Web
service, then shows how these considerations drive the design and implementation
of a service's Web service interface and functionality. In particular, the chapter
examines the interactions between a service and its clients and the business pro 
cessing that the service performs. It illustrates these considerations by drawing
from examples using three typical Web service scenarios. 
The chapter covers most of the decisions that must be made when designing
and implementing a Web service, including identifying the different possibilities
that give rise to different solutions. It describes how to receive requests, delegate
requests to business logic, formulate responses, publish a Web service, and handle
document based interactions. 
Along the way, the chapter makes recommendations and offers some guide 
lines for designing a Web service. These recommendations and key points,
marked with check boxes, include discussions of justifications and trade offs.
They are illustrated with the example service scenarios. Since Web services basi 
cally expose interoperable interfaces for new as well as existing applications, a
large segment of the audience of this book may have existing applications for

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