The Palace preferences file 
This field allows you to set your Palace site s sensitivity to flooding, in terms of events 
per second. A flooder is a user who mistakenly or maliciously runs a looping or very 
complex script, causing your Palace to be "flooded" with a rapid sequence of 
commands. This type of activity can cause serious lag and affect the experience of all 
users on your Palace. 
You can specify the threshold number of events. Users violating this limit are 
automatically disconnected, and unable to re connect for a number of minutes equal to 
the value you set for your Palace's Death Penalty. 
Set this keyword with the command flood on page 57. Be careful not to set this number 
too low, however, because normal users might be kicked off. A suggested value is 150.
This keyword lets you purge avatar props from other users that can clutter your Palace 
site. You can set a date after which props are automatically purged. Set this keyword 
with the command purgeprops on page 58.
This is the highest number given to guests (non registered users). When it is reached, 
guest ID numbers recycle back to 1.
Set this keyword with the command roommaxguests on page 58.
The Palace protocols use this location if your client can't get media from the HTTP 
server. Set this keyword with the command picdir on page 60.
This is the published URL of your Palace. For example:
This is the location where your sounds and artwork are stored for Palace clients to 
retrieve via HTTP. You can change this from the default if you want to put these files 
on a different web server. 
Set this keyword with the command fileserver on page 60.
By default, all Palace Viewer clients access a standard avatar library of over 100 images 
provided by You can provide an alternate set of images for these 
users by either creating your own, or directing users to somebody else's avatar library. 
To use a custom avatar library, point this keyword to the new avatar directory. If you 
create the avatars yourself, point this URL to your Palace web server (either the 
standard one provided during installation, or your own), to your avatar directory in 
your media folder. 
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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