This is the name of your Palace. This is the name that is registered with The Palace 
Your Palace name directly affects users logging on through the standalone Palace User 
Your site name is added to their list of recently visited Palaces (this list is 
automatically compiled). 
In addition, The Palace User Software uses this name to create a folder on their 
machines in which your sounds and pictures are stored (this folder will be called 
 ). If you change your Palace name after going 
online, your users will have to rename this file or re download all of your media. 
This is not an issue for Palace Viewer users, since it uses your Web browser 's cache 
to hold this media.
Set this keyword with the command servername on page 61.
These are your encrypted operator and owner passwords (formerly known as wizard 
and god passwords). Set these keywords with the commands operatorpass on page 60 
and ownerpass on page 60.
These are encoded flags representing the privileges you give to clients. See Setting user 
access and privileges on page 27 for more information.
This is the number of minutes a user needs to wait until he/she can return, if you 
kicked them off. Set this keyword with the command death on page 57.
Allows you to set the maximum number of people who will be allowed to log into 
your Palace at one time. After this limit has been reached, anyone attempting to log in 
will receive a "Server Full" message. This field is limited by your license and the limits 
of your operating system.
Set this keyword with the command maxocc on page 60.
Lets you set the maximum number of users that can be in a room at one time on your 
Palace site. If too many people are allowed into a room, conversation can become 
Set this keyword with the command roommaxocc on page 58.
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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