The Palace preferences file 
 the server process is prevented from forking into the background. 
This option is provided for advanced UNIX users and administrators only. The default 
value is 
FRONTEND "portNumber" "address"
These values provide your Palace with a port and host address for its frontend  the 
address made known to users. The default value is:
"9998" ""
Note that this value consists of two strings. The value 
is the address 
associated with the primary interface (that is, the default IP address of the machine 
you are using).
You must specify at least one frontend. You can run a maximum of 10 primary 
frontends off a single hub. Individual frontends can reside on different computers as 
long as they are the same byte order as the hub. These strings must be in double 
quotes. See 
This feature keeps a configurable number of props in memory at the frontend. This 
reduces the amount of processing that needs to occur at the hub, and generally results 
in better server performance. The default is 10. Increasing this number will result in 
higher memory consumption by each frontend process. This should be done with 
caution on computers with limited memory, because allocating a large prop cache will 
result in swapping, which may result in degradation of performance.
Busy servers will use a lot of RAM if you increase this value. Setting this value 
to more than 30 is generally not recommended.
This keyword lets you manually set the number of users that can connect to your 
server. You can set this limit to a lower number than that specified by your registration 
The Palace preferences file
The keywords in your Palace preferences file (
determine the 
preferences for your Palace. You set these keywords with the indicated Palace 
commands; generally, you do not need to edit the file directly. If you do, be sure not to 
edit the file while the server is running.
This file has the following keywords:
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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