Quick Reference
This section is a quick reference to common Palace server tasks, and how to do them:
What to do
How to do it
Start your Palace site
Starting your Palace server on page 14
Explore your Palace site (by connecting 
Connecting to and visiting your Palace on page 
through a client)
Change the look of your Palace site with 
Changing the look of your Palace site on page 
new rooms and artwork
Add scripts to rooms
Changing the look of your Palace site on page 
Set user privileges (such as allowing 
Setting user access and privileges on page 27
props, whispering, and drawing, and 
enforcing crowd control)
Set passwords for owners (the 
Owner and operator commands on page 30
superusers) and operators (the power 
Embed the Palace Viewer applet on your 
Embedding the applet on page 31
web page
Control which websites can point Palace 
allowedurls on page 59
Viewers to your Palace.
Create a custom avatar library
Setting up custom avatars on page 32
Maintain your Palace site page in the 
Maintaining your site page in the Palace 
Palace Directory
Directory on page 33
Create a custom entry page to your 
entrypage on page 60
Palace for web based customers
Tell others how to access your Palace site
Making your Palace accessible to others on page 
UNIX Palace Server Guide 

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